Tags MUST be made using the online tagging system. YOU MUST USE 60-67 lb. WHITE CARDSTOCK TO PRINT TAGS and WIRE HANGERS. Tags made on regular paper will not be accepted. Print with black ink only. Plastic hangers will NOT be accepted with the exception of clothing under 12 months. IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW TAGGING INSTRUCTIONS, A $15.00 FEE WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR SELLER PROCEEDS. Please read ALL the information below before creating tags.

Important Info About Tagging Your Items

  1. Once you have printed & attached your tags, please do NOT change ANYTHING in the tagging program or on the actual tags such as price, description, size, discounted, donated, etc. The bar code will only give the info that was inputted into the computer at the time it was printed. If you need to make a change to an item, you must correct it in the online program AND print out a new tag and put it on the item. Throw out the old tag.
  2. Please make sure the tags are not smudged or splotchy. The scanner will not read them at checkout if they are not clean.
  3. Items must be priced in whole dollar increments. Nothing should be less than $1.00.
  4. Discounting- On the last day of the sale, items will be sold at 50% off. You can choose whether or not an individual item will be sold at 50% off when creating your tags. We highly recommend discounting your items at 50% off to have a better chance of them selling on the last day. Many shoppers come only on discount day to look for these items.
  5. Donating- You can choose to donate any items that do not sell by clicking on the donate option when tagging. You may choose to donate some items and not others. All items that are donated will first be offered in our Dollar Dash, a fundraiser for Gladeville Elementary School. Items remaining after the Dollar Dash go to local charities.
  6. It is suggested to tape over safety pins to minimize stolen items or tag swapping. If you choose to tape over a safety pin, please make sure it is clear packing tag and put it on as smoothly as possible. Do not place tape over the barcode.
  7. If you have a Mac computer, you may need to shrink your tags if there is a problem. Shrinking them to 95% should solve the problem. Please don’t shrink more than that as they will not scan. Tags should print 8 per page in landscape layout.
  8. Make tag descriptions as complete as possible. For example, instead of using “pink shirt” as a description, use something like “Pink Gymboree Cupcake Tank.” The better description enables us to locate your items easily in the system should the tag get lost. We cannot sell items whose tags have been lost unless we can locate the items in the computer. A better description ensures your items will always be able to be sold.

General Tagging Instructions

  • Clothing should be hung on WIRE HANGERS with the hook facing the LEFT. Plastic hangers are ok for baby items ONLY on items 12 months or younger.
  • Secure the clothing with additional safety pins if needed. Two piece sets should be secured with safety pins to the hanger. Outfits sold in sets often sell better. When hanging sets, hang the shirt and then flip the hanger over hanging the pants the same way where both are visible for the buyer to check. If you item has matching accessories, please put them in  ziplock bag and attach it to the hanging item.  You will want to tape the bag to ensure pieces do not get lost.
  • Pants and skirts should be pinned to the TOP part of the hanger by folding left and right side over the wire hanger and then sticking the pin through 4 points of entry. This prevents items from sliding to the bottom of hangers. Pants folded in half over the hanger will NOT be accepted.

  • Infant onesies, gowns, sleep sacks and wearable blankets MUST be on hangers. We will not accept ANY clothing in ziploc bags except socks and bibs.
  • Package multiple items being sold together in such a way that they will not be separated. For example, you may consider putting small pieces in ziploc bags with packing tape over the zipper. Puzzles & games can be wrapped in saran wrap so that buyers can see that all the pieces are there.
  • Tie shoes together with ribbon or use zip ties (recommended). No grass, mud, minimal scuffing and wear.
  • Baby and Kids Bedding should be packaged in the original plastics packaging or XL Ziploc bags. Please make sure bags are able to be opened by a worker to check for condition.
  • You may put blankets, bibs, and hats in plastic bags so they will not get dirty. You may fold blankets using pins, string or a baggie to prevent from coming apart if needed.
  • Secure tags to clothing with safety pins. Do NOT use straight pins. Items secured with straight pins will not be accepted. The safety pin needs to be pinned horizontally. Tags can be secured to other items by pins, packing tape, or ribbon. Make sure tags cannot be pulled off easily. However, do not tape items in a such a way that the item will be damaged once the tape is removed.

Pricing Items

As a Consignor, you set the price for your items. A good rule of thumb is to sell items at 50%-75% off the retail price. Items that are new or never used could sell at a higher price, but remember to think about how much you would pay for an item. We want you to be able to sell as much as possible, so price your items to move. We suggest selecting the discount option for ½ price day during the tagging process in order to maximize your selling. We know you put a lot of work into tagging and preparing your items and we want to send you home with a check instead of left over items that didn’t sell.

Helpful Tips for Selling Your Items

  • When preparing your clothes make sure they are washed and ironed with all buttons buttoned and zippers zipped. This will give your item a newer appearance and a better chance of selling.
  • Matching sets sell better than individual pieces, so pair your items together.
  • Price accordingly. Keep in mind that there will be similar if not identical items that you might be selling and you want to be comparable on your pricing so your item sells.
  • When tagging your items, make sure to check them in natural light to see stains that might not show up otherwise.