We get asked this question a lot….Do you accept items from another sale that uses My Consignment Manager tags?

Good news!! You can transfer your leftover items from sale to sale!  

Yes, but they must be transferred! Use the direct link for MCM using your same user ID and password to transfer your tags at www.myconsignmentmanager.com and click the sellers login link. You MUST login to the direct page to access all the sales you’ve signed up for, make sure there is no forward slash at the end of www.myconsignmentmanager.com. (Your computer might be remembering another page). When you register for another sale, your consignor number MUST match the one on your tags exactly. If the next sale you register with auto assigns your consignor ID number, send them a request to change your consignor ID number.

Click on tab for  Manage Inventory.

Another set of tabs will appear. Click on tab for Transfer items.

You will populate TWO drop down arrows.

First drop down: Between the two sets of tabs you will see:

Choose a consignment to work on:

This will give you every sale that you’ve been registered for that uses MCM. Select the prior sale that your tags are in.

Second drop down:

1) Select a Target Consignment:

Choose The current sale you are now registered for.

Click the box to show 100 entries per page and check the box for select all. Then click the 3) Transfer Selected Item(s) to Target Consignment Now. You will have to do this per page.

Next go to the login page for that sale, log in and confirm your items were transferred.

Your items will now be apart of that sale until you transfer them out.  Plus you can begin to enter more items!!! Make sure to only select NOT GENERATED if you are going to print more tags!

Hope this guides you through the process.

Have a blessed day,

Toodle Bugs