Shopping Tips

Dear Local Shopper,

Our mission at Toodle Bugs Consignment is to offer families, right here in our local community of Gladeville, Tennessee, an affordable way to shop lightly used, high quality, name brand items. We strive to be a positive impact on our community by donating from every sale to local charities. There is no greater joy than aiding our local community and it is only made possible by YOU, the shopper.

Exclusive Shopper Incentives found only at Toodle Bugs Consignment

  • Affordable Prices– Find name brand items for 50-75% lower than normal retail prices.
  • Enormous Selection– Experience an entire gym shopping space filled with everything you need for your family.
  • High-Quality Items– We pride ourselves on inspecting each item we sell, choosing only items that are lightly used and in great condition.
  • Extensive Variety- You will find a large selection of terrific buys, making it easy to make choices that perfectly fits your family.
  • Stress-free Shopping – Just like any store, we organize our items by size and gender to ease your shopping experience.

When you choose Toodle Bugs Consignment for your shopping needs, you support your local community by purchasing items that financial support other families. Each Toodle Bugs Consignment sale will include many consignors, local families who have the opportunity to resell their great condition items.

Toodle Bugs Consignment is open to the Public Wednesday through Sunday. Friday and Saturday is Half-Price Day: anything marked discounted will be half price. Sunday is Dollar Da$h, find an even better deal while donating to our local elementary school. Anything for a $1.00 is a bargain! You do not need to register or receive a pass to shop the Public Sale.

Please note that opening day does promise the best selection, but it also can mean long checkout lines and big crowds. Please be patient as we are trying to check out shoppers as quickly as possible. Pre-sorting and selecting only the items you plan on purchasing BEFORE you get into line greatly helps with the speed of this process. On opening day, your checkout time could be long so bring a friend so you can take turns shopping while the other waits in line to “line sit” and move your items along as the line moves.

  • Be sure to bring something to carry your bargains in and make sure it is large enough for everything! Bring a tote, laundry basket, or a wagon. It needs to be easy to pull when fully loaded to the top with items. There will be a few shopping carts and IKEA bags available in case you forget.
  • Be prepared for long lines. If you shop at either the preview sale or on opening day, be prepared to wait.
  • Bring a snack, drink, and patience when you come to shop. Try to eat before shopping. “Shop till you Drop” is a real thing, so be prepared. Bring a snack/drink to keep your energy up. Shop Opening Day to get the best deals before they’re gone! Just don’t forget Half-Price Days on Friday and Saturday!
  • Make sure to bring a list with you. It’s so easy to get distracted when you walk into the store. Write down your wants and needs (including sizes for clothes and shoes) so that you don’t forget your must-haves.
  • Know your Sizes– Since we do not have dressing rooms, bring your child’s measurements of waist and inseam along with a measuring tape. Having a list of your children’s sizes will make navigating our selection a breeze.
  • You found a large item you want. Find anyone working the sale, and they will take the item to the front hold location for you. They’ll give you an ink pen then proceed fill out the Large item HOLD form. Please include your name, phone number and time/date you are shopping (note we hold large items unpaid for 2 hours only), then proceed to continue shopping. At check-out, let your cashier aware of your item on hold. IMPORTANT HELPFUL INFORMATION: please do not pull off the consignor tag. Pulled tags often get lost and an item with no tag can’t be sold.
  • Bring a friend! It’s always more fun when you have someone to shop with! Make a day of it… go grab some breakfast, make a coffee run, and then shop shop shop and have fun!
  • Bring your photo ID. If you are paying with card, bring your driver’s license or photo id with you. They will not accept card payments without a picture ID! We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
  • Be nice to the other shoppers and the volunteers. We are all in this to benefit our kids and it can be really fun even during times when there are large crowds – especially when you enlist help from other shoppers! If you are looking for something special and can’t find it, ask someone! It’s most likely there!
  • Get there early! The line to get in to the buildings forms early on the popular shopping days! The faster you get in the door; the better chance you have to get those coveted ‘must-have’ items you came for!
  • Return unwanted items to the racks (in the proper size please!). Be sure to return your unwanted items back to the proper racks when you are finished sorting. Think of the other shoppers and be considerate. The quicker you return unwanted items to the racks the quicker other shoppers can find their special bargain! If you do it for them, they will do it for you. Besides, if you change your mind and come rushing back to the sale hoping to find an outfit you almost bought but didn’t, you’ll want to be sure it’s back where it should be so you can find it. (But you should just be on the safe side and take it home to begin with!) If time is of the essence, please put unwanted items on the designated discard racks. Our volunteers will be returning items to the proper racks.

If you come across stains or items with holes or other damages that somehow ‘slipped through the cracks,’ please let a worker know! We immediately remove all items that are stained or damaged from the sales floor. We DO make a note of sellers who submit stained clothing and if we come across a seller with a lot of defective items they will not be asked to sell with us in the future. Volunteers do their best to catch these at check-in, but they are human and can miss things from time to time.

To better serve our community, all sales are final.  Please inspect items before you buy your desired items. If you feel an item you purchased was misrepresented, email us via the contact us page and please include the info found on the tag: consignor number, item description, price, and item number (at bottom) or any other information you can provide. We PRIDE ourselves on providing High-Quality items.