No time to tag?

VIP tagging is a service we offer to consignors who do not wish to tag their own items. Our VIP taggers are available to do the hard part for you. Make consigning your items easy and hassle free by utilizing this profitable service. Begin by making an appointment to meet one of our VIP Taggers. Then simply give them a tub/totes of your stuff you’d like to consign and have tagged. Then wait to collect your earnings after the sale!

  • Register to consign online and pay the registration fee plus a small supply fee to your VIP tagger. At the end, the tagger will receive 20% of your profits and you will receive 50%.
  • PayPal your $15 Consignor Registration Fee via My Consignment Manager.
  • Pay your VIP Supply fee based on how many totes is paid up-front via cash (supplies include card-stock, hangers, pins, tape, zip ties, ink, Ziplock bags, etc.) to your VIP tagger when you meet with your items. Minimum $10.00. Totes: 1-2=$10/3-4= $15/5-6=$20/7-8=$25/9-10=$30/increments of $5 apply for every two totes. Clothing supplied with wire hangers will receive a $5 discount.
  • You are responsible for getting your items cleaned, matched, and put in size order in a secure closed container. Please do not put clothes in trash bags as it will wrinkle them, toys are okay. One trash bag = one tote. You will receive your tubs/totes back at pick up only if it is clearly marked with your consignor number on each one. Your tagger will meet you to get your items and then hang, price, tag, and deliver your stuff for you. 
  • Get to shop early as a consignor! It’s really as simple as that!
  • You will also be responsible for picking up your unsold items at the end, or you can donate them.
  • Receive your profits after the sale at your pick up time. Note: you will receive 50% commission on your sales as a VIP Consignor. 

If you’re too busy, but desire to a good reward by turning those outgrown items into cash, then this service is perfect for you! VIP items have a history of selling at a considerably higher sell rate than the average consignor. They really know how to sell your stuff at the best price!

*Please note: The VIP tagging service will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Due to the high volume of requests we get for this service, once you are paired with a tagger- you will have 7 days to get your items to them.  We want as many people as possible to able to take advantage of this great service and we can’t hold spots for an extended period of time. If your items are not ready when you sign up, please communicate how long before you items will be ready so we know where to place you on the list.

 There is limited availability for this service, so don’t hesitate, contact us today. Please e-mail us at Give us your name, your e-mail, and your phone number. Put in the message that you are requesting VIP service, rather or not if you are new or returning consignor. If you are a returning consignor, give us your consignor number. Your VIP tagger will contact you within 24 hours.